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Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography on Bonaire

Join me on dives on our Beautiful Island Bonaire, one of the most beautiful waters in the Caribbean. Pristine Coral reefs, lots of fish, and turtles. You can book several days with me or just one dive. Whatever you like to do.

Of course photography dives are possible. If you want to learn how to take pictures underwater I can teach you. We'll make a nice program for you.

If you need to rent a camera system for underwater that's possible.
It's an Olympus PEN-10 system. Easy to use, beautiful result!

I'll bring some drinks, snacks and lunch and we'll have a great day!

Best time for a photo shoot

For the best results of this photo shoot, time or rather the position of the sun, is the most important. Experience has taught me that we get the best results if we hold a photo shoot between the times listed below:

Underwater in Bonaire

Cost for a Underwater Photography

  • The price is based on dives. 1 dive is $150 per person. If you want a full day of 2 dives and evaluate your pictures the price is $249 person. Renting a Olympus PEN 10 camera or GoPro 10 is $45 per day.$ 150

Final result of a Underwater Photography

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