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Photography Tours

Photography Tours

Photography Tours

Photography Tours on Bonaire

Go travel with Casper Douma on his photography tours and discover Bonaire. Bonaire is a unique piece of paradise. White beaches, an absolute stunning underwater world. It's a well protected gem of the Caribbean. Join me for a few hours, day or days on Bonaire. There are so many things that we can visit.

  • 1000 steps
  • Goto Lake
  • Washington National Park
  • Underwater marine park
  • Slave huts
  • Salt Pier
  • Washikemba

Let's plan some amazing time together!

East coast Bonaire

Best time for a photo shoot

For the best results of this photo shoot, time or rather the position of the sun, is the most important. Experience has taught me that we get the best results if we hold a photo shoot between the times listed below:

Washington Slagbaai National Park

Cost for a Photography Tours

  • Minimum of 2 persons, per person$ 150

Final result of a Photography Tours

Beautiful places on Bonaire

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