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Night Photography

Night Photography

Night Photography

Night Photography

Night Photography on Bonaire

The Night Photography on Bonaire is amazing. Join me on a trip into the darkness between May and September. I'll show you the Milkyway. We can visit several places in the north, south and east side of the Island depending on your needs. We'll make use of lights and natural lights. This photography is for everybody who has:

  • Wide angle lens (the wider the better)
  • A lens that can be set to manual
  • Tripod (renting is possible)
  • Head light or a phone

I can rent you a complete DSLR Canon set if you like.

We start the evening with a little theory about the use of ISO, Aperture and Shutterspeed. This will take about half an hour. Next to this we're setting our gear and off we go!

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Best time for a photo shoot

For the best results of this photo shoot, time or rather the position of the sun, is the most important. Experience has taught me that we get the best results if we hold a photo shoot between the times listed below:
  • 20:00 untill 01:00
Thunderstorm - Lightning on Bonaire | Dutch Caribbean

Thunder & Lightning

Cost for a Night Photography

  • 2 personen$ 150.00

Final result of a Night Photography

  • 10 pictures HD
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