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Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Drone Photography on Bonaire

Welcome to Drone Photography Bonaire. I want to start with an important rule on Bonaire. You are not allowed to fly a drone on Bonaire.

Are you looking for great drone shots of the Salt Flats or maybe the slave houses, Washikemba, Lac Cai or any other place? Let me know and together we can make it happen.

I can have it printed for you on HD metal. That would look really great on your wall!

If your more interested in real estate drone photography you can contact me through the form.


Do you want to map a particular area of Bonaire? Maybe you want to give different perspectives on ecological events (floods for example)?

That's all possible. As the picture shows, we put a 'fence' around your area and systematically map the place by taking hundreds or maybe thousands of pictures.

Using a special program, we upload all the photos and turn them into one photo. This means that every part of the photo will be sharp and crisp. You can zoom in on any place in your mapped photo.

Mapping with a drone

Best time for a photo shoot

For the best results of this photo shoot, time or rather the position of the sun, is the most important. Experience has taught me that we get the best results if we hold a photo shoot between the times listed below:
Drone Fotografie Bonaire

Drone images of Bonaire

Cost for a Drone Photography

  • Prices depends on the object you want to have photographed or filmed.$ 150

Final result of a Drone Photography


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