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Prices and Services

Prices and Services
Standard Photographyper 1 hour$50
Drone Photographyper object$125
Real Estate Photographyper bedroom More info$100
Food Photography
per 1 hour
per 4 hours
Family photoshoot1 hours$125
Watersports photoshoot2 hours$150

Photography tours
Washington Slagbaai*per person 7 hours$175
South Side Bonaireper person2 hours$75

Underwaterphotographyper 8 hours8 hours$325
Nightphotography per person3 hours$40
Milkyway Photographyper person3 hours$40
Private workshopper person3 hours$125
Private group workshopper group4 hours$400

Personal use**per image$27,50
Business use**per image$75

Birthday Calendar 2021Per Aug Pre-order$25
Photography Trip
Northern lights/wildlife trip Norway6 personsMore info$3500

*Including lunch, drinks & snacks **Discount by more then 5 images