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Photography Workshops Bonaire

Photography Workshops Bonaire

I give several Photography workshops Bonaire per year. Next to the tours I give workshops.
I listen to your wishes. If you want a full day, or half a day or only two hours everything is possible.
If you would like a private photography Bonaire workshop (+$50,-) please let me know

Photography workshops Bonaire

Everybody is welcome. Also every camera is welcome, GoPro, compact camera or DSLR.

Do you ever ask yourself what are all the buttons on my camera for? Or should I take pictures with a macro lens or a wide-angle?
I have a Basic photography workshop Bonaire for you. I’ll explain the camera with all of the buttons and much more. First we start with some theory and later we’ll go on the road and you can practice your skills. For instance we practice on cars and birds. We will talk about RAW vs. JPEG, Composition, Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed, what I the best time of the day to make pictures. 
Every camera is welcome!

I also give underwater photography workshops with GoPro’s, DSLR’s or compact camera’s.


Photography tour Bonaire

I offer a Photography Tour Bonaire. We’ll find the most beautiful places of Bonaire like the cultural Slavehuts (white & red), Saltpier, 1000 Steps, Washikemba, Eastcoast, Rincon (oldest place on Bonaire) etc. If you want to learn more about Bonaire take a look at Tourism Bonaire
Depending your wishes we’ll set up a time schedule. Light is very important on Bonaire. So, depending on the things you want to see we can can split the day in two. Some parts of Bonaire you have to photograph during the end of the morning and other parts around sunset.

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