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Family Photoshoot Bonaire

Family Photoshoot Bonaire

Do you want a beautiful memory of your stay on Bonaire? Take a family photoshoot Bonaire!
Because Bonaire is a beautiful Island with amazing places. It has sunny weather year round, we have some beautiful sandy beaches, the water is crystal clear. It is an amazing place for family photos. Therefore I’ll take you to some really nice spots on the Southside of Bonaire. If you want to have a family photoshoot at your house or another place it’s always possible.

Family photoshoot Bonaire Sorobon

Maybe you’re looking for a more challenging family photoshoot on Bonaire. Perhaps a underwater photoshoot would be something for you? Send me an email through UNDERWATER photoshoot Bonaire for more info about this amazing shoot.

If you would like to do a Photography tour through the Washington Slagbaai National Park or the north or south part Bonaire take a look at Photography Tours Bonaire. Because the tour shows Bonaire’s finest places we can also combine a tour with a Family shoot!

I’ll send the pictures in high and low resolution so you can use it on your socials and you can order small or big prints.
Normally we will visit two or three places which are different but very beautiful located along the coast of Bonaire. In the morning the colours of Bonaire are awesome because of the lower sun. But in the late afternoon we have the so called “Golden hour” which is also beautiful.

Timings: 9.30 – 10.30 or 17.00 – 18.00

Price: $135 per family

Family Photoshoot Bonaire
Somewhere on the south side of Bonaire

Family Photoshoot Bonaire

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Family Photoshoot Bonaire
Red Slave Huts Bonaire