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Exposition “This is Bonaire”

Exposition “This is Bonaire”

In Q3 or Q4 of 2021 there will be an exposition called “This is Bonaire”
We want to show you the beauty of our Island Bonaire in 100 canvas prints. The Exposition This is Bonaire is a cooperation between Ellen Muller and Casper Douma.

To see (buy, or make a reservation) all the images that will be printed on canvas take a look at: A real Ellen and Casper print


The exposition will be about the underwater life (macro and wide-angle) of Bonaire, but also land photography and aerial photography. There’ll be a 100 canvas prints in several sizes (20cm x 30cm, 30cm x 40cm, 60cm x 90cm and 90cm x 160cm). Before the exposition you already can order the print you like. You can order an online picture or a canvas print. The canvas print will first be at the exposition where people can enjoy watching it, afterwards you can come and take it home.

If you’re living in the USA or The Netherlands you can also order a canvas print. We do deliver over there. Ask for your price here

Portrait photoshoot

During the exposition “This is Bonaire” it’s also possible to have a portrait shoot or family shoot for only $12,50 per person or family!

Who are we?

Ellen Muller

In 1980, I moved to the island of Bonaire, from the US, and instantly fell in love with it’s coral reefs and the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

In 2001 I purchased a digital underwater camera and that is when I began my journey as an underwater photographer.

Being able to dive on a regular basis, allows me to document the inhabitants of the coral reefs surrounding the island of Bonaire and even get to know some of them on a personal basis. I love to share my astonishment at exciting underwater finds. With my photography, I try to capture the essence and spirit of some of the amazing creatures inhabiting the underwater world. Night diving, tiny macro subjects and spawning of any kind are my specialties.

The minimal photographic equipment, that I use, limits me to mostly close ups and portraits and I think that they work the best to show the incredible nature of these elusive watery beings.

My photographs have been published in multiple books, magazines and scientific papers.

Exposition "This is Bonaire"
Casper Douma

I’m a full time photographer from Bonaire. Born in 1977 in The Netherlands and now living on Bonaire for 7 years together with my wife and son.

I’m a land, aerial and underwater photographer. I love Bonaire because of it’s colors..pink, blue, green it’s amazing!

Together with my wife we wrote many articles in dive magazines for the WNF and papers.

I really hope you’ll enjoy our pictures of our Dushi Bonaire.