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Bonaire in 31 macro underwater pictures

Bonaire in 31 macro underwater pictures

October 2020 is ‘macro shots of the underwater world of Bonaire’ month!

Bonaire’s marine park is the oldest sea reserve in the world! The park is 2600 acres big with coral reefs, Seagrass, Mangrove vegetation and also Lagune Lac. Next to this it’s part of the Yarari marine mammal and shark sanctuary. This sanctuary comprises all the combined territories of Aruba Curacao, Bonaire, Saba, Statia and St. Maarten. Yarari means “a fine place”

For more info about the Yarari Sanctuary take a look at DCNA
For more info about the Bonaire National Marine Park take a look at BNMP

31/31 Sergeant Major Eggs
30/31 Christmas Trees
29/31 Coral

28/31 Hey ugly!
27/31 Spawning Brittle Star

Anemone Bonaire
25/31 Anemone detail
Octopus Bonaire
24/31 Octopus
Fireworm Bonaire, underwater photography Bonaire
23/31 Detail of a Fireworm
Bonaire underwater photography, sand eel
22/31 Sand Eel
Seahorse Bonaire, underwater photography Bonaire
21/31 Seahorse
Nudibranch Bonaire, Underwaterphotography Bonaire
20/31 A Harlequin Glass Slug
Bonaire Photography, underwater photography Bonaire
19/31 The Eye of a Puffer fish
Bonaire nudubrnach, Bonaire photography
18/31 Lynx Nudibranch

Bonaire photography
17/31 Just relaxing
Lettuce Sea Slug, Diving on Bonaire
16/31 Lettuce Sea Slug
Diving Bonaire, photography on Bonaire,  Bonaire in 31 macro underwater pictures
15/31 A Conch eye
Diving on Bonaire, photography on Bonaire
14/31 Jawfish with eggs
13/31 Spanish Lobster
12/31 Anemone detail
Photography on Bonaire, diving on Bonaire
11/31 Shrimp time
10/31 Teeth
aire underwater photography
9/31 Harleguin Sea Goddess
8/31 Octopus
7/31 Pederson shrimp with eggs
6/31 Kiekeboe
5/31 Gaudy Clown Crab
3/31 Spawning Brittle Star
2/31 Eyes of a Hermit Crab
1/31 Very tiny fish in a beautiful anemone