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Casper Douma - Photographer on Bonaire

When I was 10 years old I started snorkelling in the French Mediterranean. It was amazing, all those colors! I knew I wanted to see more of this, although it took me quite some years.
In 2011 I started taking pictures underwater and won the Dutch Championships for juniors, this inspired me to go further.
After a few years of practicing we were invited to write our first article in Duiken magazine (Dutch magazine).
That was the beginning of lots of articles and amazing pictures in foreign magazines and newspapers.
Today, I’m a freelance conservation photographer for the WWF-NL and an official ambassador for  Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean Island) and enjoy life to the fullest. For that I’m very grateful!
I want to show the world how beautiful our world is, really it is amazing! We need to take care of it together! Because of this I was invited to make pictures for the WWF-NL

I really love being a photographer, I love being in the nature spending time to take the best pictures of animals or nature.


Besides nature photography I’m also a Videographer. I made footage for Het Perfecte PlaatjeKlokhuisZembla and the NOS.
Those are big programs in the Netherlands. 

Blue Defenders Expeditions

Our own foundation Blue Defenders March 10 2023!

Our next big thing is organizing our own expeditions. We’ve founded a foundation called Blue Defenders. Through expeditions, with a catamaran and the use of a hydrophone, we’ll sail around and in between Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Next to this well be sailing in the Yarari sanctuary. We want to see what species of whales, Dolphins, Orca’s and sharks we have in these waters. We also want to know their routes. In 2025 we want to tag a dolphin and a whale to see where they’re going. So, knowing their behaviour. When we know this we know how to protect the cetaceans in this area. We can talk with the local governments of the ABC’s and redirect the ship routes for instance.

During our trips we’ll make several articles (magazines), blogs and YouTube video’s about this trip. For more info take a look at: